Behaving Wisely

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear they say. Once again our draconian anti-terror laws are being abused in ways that we all foresaw and the government of the time promised would not happen.

Parent Culture

Picked this up on Chortle: John Cleese has claimed London is ‘no longer an English city’. In an interview on Australian TV, the Fawlty Towers star said the ‘parent [ie British] culture’ had all-but vanished from the streets of the capital. Interviewed to promote a show at Sydney Opera House, [...]

Come on Irene

On Monday morning Irene was category 3, by Wednesday morning Irene was category 2.  The day Irene hit it was a category 1, later to be downgraded to a mere tropical storm, guess the media has to fill the 24 hour news-cycle somehow.  None of this means anything to me truth be told, but I thought the [...]

Adventures in RTP: Cheesecake Factory

First day at work in RTP felt somewhat like the first day of school.  As we didn’t have security clearance I had arranged to meet Donald in the lobby at 8:30 and we spent the day as visitors, which meant we couldn’t get through any badge-locked doors without an escort during the day. The “war room” [...]

Adventures in RTP: Arrival

Arrived in Raleigh on my 6 week assignment out here 6PM local time.   The weather’s certainly a lot better than what I left behind in the UK. On arrival at Raleigh-Durham International a courtesy bus took us to the Hertz Rental lot, which was about the size of Winchester, and after much haggling I [...]

Daily Mail Headline of the Year

"Daily Mail Headline Of The Year", from Football365's always entertaining Mediawatch …

"Breakdown of the family. Single mothers. Soft justice. Drugs. Multiculturalism. Welfarism. Educational failure…for 30 years, Britain's liberal intelligentsia has smashed virtually every social value. In this blistering analysis, Melanie Phillips says we're now paying the price – HOW THE LIBERALS RUINED BRITAIN."

Slightly disappointing they couldn't get house prices in there. Still, surely there's no way they can top that.

Curse the liberal intelligentsia, curse them to hell!

Shoot the fucking lot of them

Still, at least the police managed to arrest some kid for writing something nasty on Facebook because it might incite a riot in Glasgow too. Way to make a stand, as usual they avoid having to deal with real criminals on the streets. The comments section of Guido Fawkes blog has been a fun read the last few days:

Repairing Windows 7 MBR without installation media

Setting up my new work laptop with a dual boot system didn't quite go as planned yesterday. In the middle of my Ubuntu install I came across a rather unhelpful error. Of course the only way to restore the Windows MBR is through the recovery console, which you can access through the install media -- that doesn't ship with laptops these days. Seriously, how much money does it cost to ship a damn CD with a laptop these days?

Decision Time

It hit me today that I’ve been at IBM for five years now; and when I looked at my performance reviews I see three years in a row with the top rating, and 2 years with the second highest rating. Despite all this my career hasn’t exactly progressed very much. I guess it’s my own fault though, I [...]

Monster Madness

While I was contemplating “where is my career going?” yesterday I decided to start building a CV on to see if perhaps I’d be better served looking at a new role in another company. What I certainly didn’t expect was for my phone to be ringing every 20 minutes with agencies offering [...]
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