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Pidgin/Sametime “Not Authorized” Error

This week I was greeted by a "not authorized" error when attempting to log into Sametime using Pidgin. Digging around on the net it seems that our administrators decided to restrict what client versions were allowed to connect. Eventually I found the solution, and boy am I glad to be back using Pidgin again.

Come on Irene

On Monday morning Irene was category 3, by Wednesday morning Irene was category 2.  The day Irene hit it was a category 1, later to be downgraded to a mere tropical storm, guess the media has to fill the 24 hour news-cycle somehow.  None of this means anything to me truth be told, but I thought the [...]

Adventures in RTP: Cheesecake Factory

First day at work in RTP felt somewhat like the first day of school.  As we didn’t have security clearance I had arranged to meet Donald in the lobby at 8:30 and we spent the day as visitors, which meant we couldn’t get through any badge-locked doors without an escort during the day. The “war room” [...]

Parallel Career

A timely strip from Dilbert this weekend. Honestly, the majority of my week was spent modifying PowerPoint slides so that they more accurately represented our status as it should look, without actually changing the underlying data. This week I made some PowerPoint slides that have no particular [...]

Syncing from Lotus Notes to Google Calendar

I’ve been looking for a way to get data out of Lotus Notes into a slightly less horrific tool for some time now. Although I still haven’t found anything to allow me to dump Notes as my e-mail client at work, I can now say goodbye to it as my work calendar: syncnotes2google

Better than (an) average

MCV today released the results of a survey into salaries in the gaming industry. Perhaps naively I figured there’d be big money in developing video-games, however I got a surprise when I read that the average salary for those working in development is only £31,964. I know my work isn’t directly [...]

A Temporary Situation

Maybe I should post today’s Dilbert on my manager’s door. I’m so bored with my current project, it’s monkey work I could do in my sleep but someone has to do it I suppose. I’ve been wondering how to bring it up …

Decision Time

It hit me today that I’ve been at IBM for five years now; and when I looked at my performance reviews I see three years in a row with the top rating, and 2 years with the second highest rating. Despite all this my career hasn’t exactly progressed very much. I guess it’s my own fault though, I [...]

Monster Madness

While I was contemplating “where is my career going?” yesterday I decided to start building a CV on to see if perhaps I’d be better served looking at a new role in another company. What I certainly didn’t expect was for my phone to be ringing every 20 minutes with agencies offering [...]

It Should Be On TV

“I like the idea in “Archives of Pain” I took from Michael Foucault, when he advocates a return to nineteen-century values of execution and capital punishment. You know. It appeals to me, but you shouldn’t only bring back capital punishment. It should be compulsory that your body be kept, have oil poured over it and be torn apart with horses and chains. It should be on TV, and four- or five-year-olds should be made to watch it. It’s the only way. If you tell a child: “That’s wrong”, he doesn’t really learn. But if you show a body being ripped to shreds, after Blue Peter, he’s gonna know.”

– Richey Edwards

Oh how I was looking forward to a day off, but it was not be, having already taken a morning and an afternoon off to receive the Brice’s Laptop it was another day at the office for me. What made it even worse was that Gran Turismo: A Spec was released today, so I bought it (& Half-Life: Blue Shift) in the morning and had to wait until 4 to actually play them; knowing that on Saturday morning they, along with everything else I had in the house, would be gone.

Bought a book, Torture Garden by Octave Mirbeau. This, and the rest of Everything… will be my entertainment next week.

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