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Achievement Checklists

Recently I started using Google Docs for my achievement checklists, rather than OpenOffice, so rather than just bin them when I’m finished they’re out there on the internet should anyone find them useful. I never use full walkthroughs, but find it handy having a list of stuff to do as I go through [...]

100’000GS Awards – Most Surprising Game

To celebrate hitting 6 figures I'm going to take a look back at the games I've played and pick out some best/worst of's in various categories. Over the years I've picked up a few games just because they were cheap, or was able to borrow them from a mate. Some of these titles have proven true hidden gems. This award goes to the game that has exceeded my expectations for the game the most.

Lost Odyssey

Absolutely loving this game so far.  I’ve reached the end-game after a mere 65 hours gameplay! I’ve made a Checklist in Google Docs from various guides on the ‘net to ensure I collected everything for the Treasure Trove achievement without having to follow a guide and thus ruining the experience — [...]
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