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Retro Games Destroy NYC

Galactic Empire State of Mind

Definitely the funniest video I've ever seen online, the lyrics are unbelievable good.

Lightsabers grinding
Palpatine's smiling
Cause he knew it would come to this
The light side is blind with casualties
Who do evil casually, then gradually become worse
Don't fight your destiny
Wasn't a great dad, true
Absent all the while
No happy times behind us, and plus, now I'm killin' you
Keep fencing mister, 'cause now I sense a sister
You don't go bad, maybe I'll enlist her
Now Emperor wants you, only wants me rubbed out
You controlled your anger, stayed light side devout
Watch out kid, he's got lightning bolts to immolate Uh-uh, hell no, daddy powers activate
End this prune with a badass murder suicide
Bald headed, mask off, heart melted kid you were right
Burn all my gear so those Ewoks can't wear it again
Do it, I'll be watching you, a ghost, name of Anakin

The Tetris God

This is one of the funniest sketches I have ever seen, be that on TV, YouTube or on stage. It's content like this that justifies the existence of the crap that makes up the other 99% of YouTube.

Font Conference

This has to be one of the most funny and original videos I've seen online – Font Conference.

Airplane 8-Ball Ying-Yang Glasses. Mailbox! Open Mailbox!

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