Classic Clarkson

Clarkson is the archetypal grumpy old man, and he’s really excelled himself this week in his column in the Times Then you have the chaps and chapesses who can’t stand the constant raids on their wallets and their privacy. They can’t understand why they are taxed at 50% on their income and then [...]

Ex-soldier faces jail for handing in gun

What a completely fucked up country we live in, I can’t even summon the words to describe how depressing this is; five years seems a lot given the pathetic sentences you hear being handed out to real criminals. A former soldier who handed a discarded shotgun in to police faces at least five years [...]
Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul

Gizmodo, taking a rare break from hyping up Steve Job’s over-priced iDevices, alerted me to the existence of the rather excellent album Dark Night of the Soul, from the same genius responsible for the Grey Album. Apparently, like the Grey Album, DNOTS will never see a retail release 🙁 I’ve been [...]

Philosophy in the Boudoir: Piety

If you’re not up to reading the entire extract, try skimming the highlighted parts – hopefully they give a reasonable overview of the ideas in the text. …from The third dialogue Eugenie: [The women, having calmed down during this treatise, are once more clad in negligees and reclining on the [...]

Moving (Again)

Today we ofiicially agreed to move into the new house, contracts signed, all that’s left now is to physically move (again).

Excessive Sun

It [Derby City Council] said teachers should consider “postponing or cancelling events… in periods of excessive sun“. LMFAO!!

Poor Miss Emin

Tracey Emin turned up on Breakfast with Frost this morning saying how offended she is that the British public are laughing at her ‘loss’ “The majority of the British public have no regard or no respect to what me and my peers do, to the point that they laugh at a disaster like a fire. We really [...]

Missiles, aircraft? Same difference.

From BBC News: The army Patriots were mistakenly identifying friendly aircraft as enemy tactical ballistic missiles Truth is stranger than fiction, especially when there’s a bunch of US soldiers thrown into the mixer.

Not that solid

Colin Powell recently conceded that the ‘evidence’ the US presented to the UN to justify it’s war on Iraq ‘appears not to be … that solid‘ — no shit Colin, that’s why the rest of the World (bar Britain — cheers Tony) told you to go to hell when you told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction [...]

Andrew’s Wedding

Andrew’s Wedding
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