The problem is adults

The problem in society is not kids not knowing science.  The problem is adults not knowing science.  They outnumber kids 5 to 1, they wield power, they write legislation.  When you have scientifically illiterate adults, you have undermined the very fabric of what makes a nation wealthy and strong.

- Neil deGrasse Tyson

This quote has been circling lately, and it reminded me of this video from a few years ago.  If only people with the power to make the world better were as intelligent as Tyson.

We’re All Going To Die

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Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

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TIE Fighter: The Movie

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Batman of Shanghai

Ninja Turtles Tribute

I very much doubt the upcoming movie will engender as much goodwill among children of the 80s as this will do …


Absolutely incredible.

Modern War Gear Solid – The Complete Saga

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Mega Man X

The quality of fan-made movies these days is getting quite scary.

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Doctor Who: The Anime

Also on MetaTube if this gets pulled from YouTube one day…

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