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Customising XBMC CEC Support

Some of the default mappings from my Bravia seemed a little odd and a couple of buttons were not mapped at all, so I took to customising them, a process which isn't as simple as it could be due to there being multiple levels of abstraction by the time you try to configure what a button press does in XBMC.

Raspbmc CEC Adapter Settings

The main factor that pushed me into finally buying a Pi was the addition of CEC support for the model B.  For any media center solution to get my attention CEC support is simply a must have. The CEC adapter works wonderfully, it's responsive and plays nicely not only with the TV (sony [...]

Adventures in Pi

It's been a long time coming, but I finally bought myself a Raspberry Pi this week & have been busy messing around with Raspbmc for the majority of the weekend … some initial thoughts on my experiences so far: Heavy Lifting The Pi really struggled during library generation, but other than [...]
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