The Flight Back

Well, this is it — the end of our holiday. Mercifully the return flight was a lot less painful than the flight out there. Having the shorter trip first made a big difference I think; after 10 hours on a plane the last thing you want to do is step right onto another one, but it doesn’t seem as bad [...]

The Grand Canyon

Probably the most depressing part of the Holiday was seeing how even the native tribe fo the hala-whatever-tutu are abuing the Grand Canyon. We went to the SkyWalk, which I have to say was a huge disappointment. I had infinitely more fun larking about on the rocks and near the edge of the canyon [...]

The Wedding

The big day; the reason for our trip in the first place. The “Little chaple of the West” certainly was little. The ceremony lasted a marathon 5 minutes 50 seconds, give or take, and the certificate of marriage came complete with an annulment form I understand 🙂

Vegas Baby!

Another day walking the stip; taking in the numerous hotel/casinos!

Arcade Heaven

We went to SEGA GameWorks; 5 hours playing in the Arcade for $15 — Absolute bargain. Right next door to which is, of all, things, M&M’s World!

Penn & Teller

We decided to wander over to the Rio to pick up tickets for Penn & Teller, unfortunately we didn’t realise quite how far off the strip it was — it was probably an hour walk in the end, right along the highway! I haven’t seen Penn & Teller perform since sometime back in the early nineties when they [...]

Blue Man Group

Our first proper day in Vegas; we walked down the strip stopping off at various places along the way; we took a trip up the Eiffel Tower in Paris to get a view of the Strip. We went to see the Blue Man Group in the evening; the tickets were pretty pricey, but the show was well worth it in the end. [...]

Viva Las Vegas!

Up at the crack of dawn to head to the airport. God knows how many hours in the air/waiting at airports, but I finally made it to Vegas (via Dallas — my God that’s one huge airport). We’ve done little else other than travel all day!

It’s not a blog — it’s a diary

It’s my birthday! That’s right I’m a stonking twenty seven years old now, and to celebrate I’ve finally resurrected this diary (the kids call these things blogs nowadays, but I hate the word so I’ll continue to call it a diary) after nearly 3 years of neglect; there’s quite a lot to catch up on; [...]

Birthday Boy

Hayley got me a Nintendo Wii with WiiSports, WiiPlay, Call of Duty 3 & Zelda: Twilight Princess for my birthday. Oh and a cookie the size of a pizza! Met up with a few friends in the Royal Oak for a couple of drinks to commiserate the passing of yet another year; I’m creeping worryingly close to [...]
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