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Three O’Clock

“They’re old enough when they leave school .. and they leave school at three o’clock!”

– Gavin (on his choice of women)

Gav’s last day at IBM today, it’ll be weird on Monday I expect. He’s off across the world (Russia, China, Mongolia & more). If you’re reading this Gav, have (hope you had) a great time.

Went drinking with Ant in the evening, spend £30 somehow and got very drunk. When we left the pub we did the Spaced style gunfight, followed by a bit of wrestling. But by far the most insane moment was when we tried to do the running up walls thing from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Needless to say this resulted in high impact collisions with the pavement!

Not content with hurling ourselves at a wall, I then initiated the jump over the bin competition. The challenge; to jump over the 3ft(?) bins littered around the city centre. Unsurprisingly the success rate was a big, fat zero. And the result was surprisingly similar to the first challenge, i.e. crumpled bodies hitting pavement. Now we had got the self-destruction out of the way it was on to the reproduction of the entire Star Wars trilogy.

All in all, a very good night out.

Spaced … Completely

Watched “Spaced series one” on DVD with Ant (for the second time this weekend !!). Went out with Ant in the evening (Wetherspoon’s an O’Neill’s), being a bank holiday the pubs closed at 11pm (makes sense?) so the entire night cost less than £10 which was bloody good for 3 pints each and a bowl of [...]

Boil-in-the-bag Perversion

The timewarp … It’s boil-in-the-bag perversion for sexually repressed accountants and first year drama students with too many posters of Betty Blue, The Blues Brothers, Big Blue & Blue Velvet on their blue bloody walls! – Simon Pegg (Tim Bisley, Spaced) 2 out of 4 in the weekend gamble; not even [...]
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