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Missiles, aircraft? Same difference.

From BBC News: The army Patriots were mistakenly identifying friendly aircraft as enemy tactical ballistic missiles Truth is stranger than fiction, especially when there’s a bunch of US soldiers thrown into the mixer.

Not that solid

Colin Powell recently conceded that the ‘evidence’ the US presented to the UN to justify it’s war on Iraq ‘appears not to be … that solid‘ — no shit Colin, that’s why the rest of the World (bar Britain — cheers Tony) told you to go to hell when you told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction [...]

Operation Ironic

It was an ironic contradiction to see the Anglo-American coalition unleash its aggression against Iraq yesterday morning under the codename “Operation Iraqi Freedom”—as if occupying Iraq, imposing imperial domination over it, and abolishing its independence and national sovereignty would make Iraq free.

– Jerusalem Al-Quds (pro-Palestinian authority). March 21 2003

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