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JoeX WinAmp Skins: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the definitive collection of JoeX WinAmp skins. Pamela Anderson Sasha Singleton Sung Hi Lee Miscellaneous Anime

JoeX WinAmp Skins: Part 1

Welcome to the definitive collection of JoeX WinAmp skins. Thanks to Casey at for contributing the SkinCycle JoeX collection … 97 different skins listed now! These skins were designed with WinAmp 2.x in mind, I still use WinAmp 2.x over later versions as that was the last version [...]


Found out I’ve got to the next stage of the IBM recruitment process for Hursley, on a list of 20 IT’s who made it to the interview stage, it’ll be great if I can get a job sorted before I even start my final year at university. Speaking of which; the late work panel rejected my work, so it’s [...]

Who is JoeX?

Gav can’t remember anything from Saturday, so at least I missed a fucking great party and not one of those crap ones!! Hunted WinAmp skins by JoeX, lots of broken links, but a few successes, any I find will be available on my site for download. A half hour meeting turned into a hour-plus meeting [...]
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