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Sesame Street

Went to Bar Iguana in the evening with Ant & Brett; live band every Sunday – they even played a version of the Sesame Street theme!


Hursley needs it’s share of axe-murderers.

– Rick (on my chances of getting back into IBM after uni)

If there is such a thing as karma, then I have definitely scored some good karma today. I took “Fur Fighters” back to Game to exchange for “F1 2001”, and could have walked away with both! OK, a little explanation needed .. I was being served by someone who for some reason had to stop serving me and go and answer a customer’s question at the other end of the store. At this point I already had F1 2001 in my bag, and just needed to sign a receipt, so assistant number 2 comes over, I sign the receipt and he gives me “Fur Fighters”. For a moment I considered just walking (heh, they gave it to me!!), but after a moments hesitation my good side came out on top and I handed it back to the guy.

So something good should happen to me now, right? What goes around, comes around ‘n all that. Went out with Ant and two of his mates down from Southampton, we all met up with Ant’s new lady-friend & her mates at 9. Good night out, by half-eleven I was propping up the bar with a pink ‘little miss’ handbag, having been left in favour of the dance floor by the others, needless to say the alcohol consumption rate increased significantly without any of that conversation malarkey to interfere.

I was on the long and winding road to becoming totally, utterly wasted, then out of nowhere … Ricky Martin. I finished off the remaining drinks double-quick and made for the nearest exit.

To The Pub!

Met up with Jon & Sheena at Wetherspoons (in Maidstone). They got rather pissed, I had a few but didn’t fancy getting wankered seeing as I had to walk 4(ish) miles home afterwards!

… Which Was Nice

BBQ in the garden, followed by a night out in Winchester, after a few in Wetherspoons we all headed to the Porthouse, which was so dead that they let us in without paying, which was nice. I wandered off at half eleven(ish), and woke up an hour later on a bench in Winchester park.


First day back at work after the training, nice to be doing something again. Made a bid for a Man-at-Arms figure on eBay, should find out whether I made the winning bid tomorrow. Went to the pub for dinner with Ant; Matt was being a boring old man and stayed at home, had a couple of pints and [...]
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