I think the sad fact is people in the US are still shocked to find out nobody in the rest of the world, let alone the UK know who the ‘Phillies’ are, yet I bet you have heard of Manchester United…

But what can I say? It’s no surprise coming from the country that gave us the World Series, which is not played outside of one continent, and call a game played predominantly using hands ‘Football’.

In the UK we regard ‘baseball’ as an overhyped version of Rounders, which is a game played by 12 year old school girls, in plaid skirts and woollen jumpers, all be it with a smaller bat then baseball. You know to make it difficult.

And while we are here, in 1776 a bunch of rich slave owners in 13 small bits of land on the arse end of the world who thought they were more important than the whole of India in terms of representatives in the British Parliament, disregarded what 65% of the population of those 13 bits of land thought and sided with the French and Spanish, (who had been attacking and murdering them for the last umpteen years, hence the tax to pay for the defence of the 13 bits of land) so they could pay less tax then the rest of the Empire and not be forced to treat black people better and go for a rampaging genocide of the Natives, who the British had agreed to protect.

FYI, if the US had never left the Empire, not only would you have not had a war over slavery, but it wouldn’t have taken you 200 years to live up to the promise of giving equal rights to all men, (you know what year they legally gave equal rights to all men in England, regardless of race, creed or colour? 1215.)

You would also drive on the correct side of the road, have better table manners (elbows, off, knife and fork in hands at the same time, not one or the other), be polite, beer would come in larger quantities, fewer adverts on TV, and you would have universal health care like the rest of the civilised world.

I've long since track of where this came from, but I found this in a random text file in my home directory today, simply named "amazing_comment.txt" so I assume it was posted on one of the forums I frequented back then.  Based on the file creation date it's been sat in there for just under 16 months!