A Job Offer!

Good news, I got through Hursley’s recruitment process and I’ve got a job for when I finish university (assuming I don’t do anything really stupid in the final year that is). It’s Michael’s birthday today – happy 19’th shithead. You’re nearly old like me now, hope you like your [...]

The One with the Presentation

Had my interview & presentation for post graduate recruitment at IBM today – I don’t think it went too bad. Done little else except try to prepare for these all day. I’ve been playing Championship Manager a lot again, just started the second season, after finishing second in the league and winning [...]

The One About the Garden

Penyards are evil, totally they are the biggest bunch of scammers this side of the Atlantic. Do not ever rent a property from these people. We’ve just had gardeners round to do the front and back because Penyards were not happy with the state the gardens were in. The gardeners arrived at [...]


Found out I’ve got to the next stage of the IBM recruitment process for Hursley, on a list of 20 IT’s who made it to the interview stage, it’ll be great if I can get a job sorted before I even start my final year at university. Speaking of which; the late work panel rejected my work, so it’s [...]

Who is JoeX?

Gav can’t remember anything from Saturday, so at least I missed a fucking great party and not one of those crap ones!! Hunted WinAmp skins by JoeX, lots of broken links, but a few successes, any I find will be available on my site for download. A half hour meeting turned into a hour-plus meeting [...]


Sat my IPAT & Programming test today as part of the graduate recruitment process at IBM. IPAT was ok, and the programming test was very basic – I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get 100% to be honest. The IPAT did make me realise how reliant I am on machines for maths now though, even something as [...]


It’s been a quiet few days with Andrew away, there hasn’t been any of the usual ‘unusual’ conversations, I never realised how much shite we manage to talk about in a day until now.

Central Eating for Piss Heads

Never quite made it to Southampton last night, the last train back meant we would have to be leaving the pubs at 10. Stayed in Winchester instead (extra 2 ‘n a half hours to our night !!). That’s two in a row now; I blame Ant – he’s leading me astray!! There were a lot of miserable Arsenal fans [...]

AD2 Day 4

Last day of AD2 today, thank God for that, my will to live has been slowly draining away minute by minute. Had a very strange discussion on women’s underwear withAndrew on the way home; we had a worrying level of knowledge on this topic! Paid £79 for a years’ web hosting (200 megs & loads of [...]

Bought a domain name today: “”, from – will get a hosting service tomorrow. Watched nine episodes of The A-team, so expect some added A-Team content soon.
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