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Come on Irene

On Monday morning Irene was category 3, by Wednesday morning Irene was category 2.  The day Irene hit it was a category 1, later to be downgraded to a mere tropical storm, guess the media has to fill the 24 hour news-cycle somehow.  None of this means anything to me truth be told, but I thought the [...]

Adventures in RTP: Cheesecake Factory

First day at work in RTP felt somewhat like the first day of school.  As we didn’t have security clearance I had arranged to meet Donald in the lobby at 8:30 and we spent the day as visitors, which meant we couldn’t get through any badge-locked doors without an escort during the day. The “war room” [...]

Adventures in RTP: Arrival

Arrived in Raleigh on my 6 week assignment out here 6PM local time.   The weather’s certainly a lot better than what I left behind in the UK. On arrival at Raleigh-Durham International a courtesy bus took us to the Hertz Rental lot, which was about the size of Winchester, and after much haggling I [...]
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