VoicesLunarbaboon has been putting up a strong case for "favourite comic" these last few months. This is my daily struggle to get out of bed for work every morning.




Now, if only I could get rid of that nagging voice "you are wasting your life, get off the fucking sofa and do something productive".

I’m Not Addicted

Few things make me feel as old as when I think about just how old some of the video games I remember from my youth are now ...

Worth It?

I really wish this was how it went down, rather than another company taking advantage of the increasingly retarded buying habits of gamers. I don’t mind that the idiots are being swindled out their money with these extortionate prices, however occasionally there’s content that I’d like to buy if [...]


2K Games Announces XCOM® – Suspense and Mystery-Filled First-Person Shooter from Creators of BioShock® 2 Award-winning developers set their sights on re-imagining the suspense, tension and fear of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises only on Xbox 360 and Windows PC New York, NY – April 14, [...]

Seat Selection

Maybe I should try this for our trip to Florida next month? 🙂

Parallel Career

A timely strip from Dilbert this weekend. Honestly, the majority of my week was spent modifying PowerPoint slides so that they more accurately represented our status as it should look, without actually changing the underlying data. This week I made some PowerPoint slides that have no particular [...]

Laser Vision (Correction)

I’ve long considered laser eye surgery so as to be rid of glasses and contact lenses forever, but I’m too scared to go through with it in all honesty. What if I was in the “less than 1%” who suffer vision reducing complications? I couldn’t risk suffering problems with something as important as my [...]

Yank This As Hard As You Can

Of course if everyone just reads the presentation you’d miss out on that feeling of being important for 20 minutes 😉
I Am A God

I Am a God

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