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Summer Clearout

What a great Summer for Liverpool!  £4m for N’gog, I thought he’d be another piece of deadwood we’d struggle to give away.  By my count that’s over a dozen players shipped out either on loan or permanently this Summer.  Cole & Aquilani out on loan to Lille and AC Milan respectively.  Konchesky, [...]

A Walkie-Talkie Preamble

As much as I wish he'd go back and make Gameswipe a regular series rather than a one-off show you have admit Newswipe is pretty spectacular. Witness the brilliance:

Because You Have Something To Say

Preach not because you have to say something, but because you have something to say.

– Oscar Wilde

BBC Teletext proclaims: “KITTEN IN JAR” WEBSITE BRANDED A HOAX. Well stone the crows, I bet it took some serious investigation to come to that conclusion. Are the public really that stupid? … I wonder.

A Disturbing website which appears to show animals being cruelly treated is a sick hoax, Newsround can reveal.

Many worried viewers wrote to the programme after logging on to Bonsai Kitten, a website which seems to show photos of young cats in jars.

The RSPCA is appalled by the site and the FBI, Americas most-famous police agency, is trying to shut it down.

American university students are thought to be behind the hoax.

BBC Teletext, page 511, Today

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