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First Contact

I think it’s the general election today, I’ve managed to avoid all mention of the elections since last Wednesday, but I heard on the radio this morning that a reporter “…will be spending his last day on the election campaign trail today…”. Someone has actually been to the site (other than me & [...]


The Perl code for reading the new XML’y diary is now nearly ready, just gotta add a few finishing touches; hopefully it’ll be up by the end of the week.

AD2 Day 4

Last day of AD2 today, thank God for that, my will to live has been slowly draining away minute by minute. Had a very strange discussion on women’s underwear withAndrew on the way home; we had a worrying level of knowledge on this topic! Paid £79 for a years’ web hosting (200 megs & loads of [...]

Bought a domain name today: “”, from – will get a hosting service tomorrow. Watched nine episodes of The A-team, so expect some added A-Team content soon.
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