First day at work in RTP felt somewhat like the first day of school.  As we didn’t have security clearance I had arranged to meet Donald in the lobby at 8:30 and we spent the day as visitors, which meant we couldn’t get through any badge-locked doors without an escort during the day.

The “war room” is actually a fun place to work in, much better than being sat in a cubicle all day long; has a real energy to it, but perhaps it just seems that way because it’s something different after spending basically the last decade working in the same beige-walled, soul destroying cubicles of Hursley.

Monday night’s are going to be movie night for me while I’m here; Tonight Hannah & Mickael joined me, however after by the time we’d finished desert at the Cheesecake Factory we’d just missed the 9pm start for Captain America.

I say “we”, but I didn’t have any desert, my “fish & chips” turned out to be “fishes & chips” and I was stuffed before I’d even eaten half the meal!  I have to admit I was really disappointed that the Cheesecake Factory wasn’t exactly the same as the restaurant from Big Bang Theory.

Having missed Capt’ America we plumped for a 21:45 showing of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I wasn’t expecting much from it, despite MovieBob’s positive review, yet I came away thoroughly entertained & looking forward to next years’ inevitable sequel!