Guide to Paragon City's network of contacts

Contacts in Paragon City can be divided into the following categories:

Thanks go out to TopDoc from the US forums for contributing his excellent work to this guide.

Origin Contacts

You start with 1 of these, based on your origin (hence the name) and starting zone. For example, characters with a Magic Origin starting in Atlas Park will always get Azuria as their first contact.

There are usually multiple Origin Contacts for each Origin for every 5 level range. For example, Laurence Mansfield, Paco Sanchez, and Genevieve Sanders are all Magic Origin Contacts for levels 5-9. You can only have 1 Contact in a given Origin and level range, so you will only get one of the above.

You only get 1 Origin Contact in the 1-4 level range, but you will get 5 (one from each origin) after that, until level 40.

LevelTechnologyMutation NaturalScienceMagic
1-5 Rick Davies
Antonio Nash
Susan Davies
Jonathan Smythe
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1-5 Caitlin Murray
Prince Kiros Nandelu
Derek Amberson
Rebecca Brinell
Gregor Richardson
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5-10 Maurice Feldon
Paula Dempsey
Tony Kord
Juan Jimenez
Linda Summers
Ron Hughes
Jose Brogan
Rachel Torres
Vic Johansson
Henry Peter Wong
Kip Cantorum
Samuel Pierce
Genevieve Sanders
Laurence Mansfield
Paco Sanchez
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10-15 Athena Currie
Carla Brunelli
Everett Daniels
Alfonse Rubel
Sanjay Chandra
Wilson Zucco
Lorenzo DiCosta
Wes Schnabel
Willy Starbuck
Jill Pastor
Kyle Peck
Tristan Caine
Dr. Trevor Seaborn
Haley Phillips
Hugo Redding
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15-20 Fareed Abdullah
Guy Denson
Mark Freeman
Tom Bowden
Dr. Ann-Marie Engles
Juliana Nehring
Olivia Chung
Pavel Garnier
Cho Ge
Karen Parker
Suzanne Bernhard
Warren Trudeau
Colleen Saramago
Jake Montoya
Maggie Greene
Wyatt Anderson
Kong Bao
Thao Ku
Virginia Hoffman
Vitaly Cherenko
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Origin Contacts will introduce you to another in the same level range when you reach the Colleague relationship level, if you don't already have a full set. They will introduce you to the next level range up Origin Contacts when you leave their level range, or one level earlier if you're at the Confidant relationship level. They will introduce you to a contact of the same Origin. For example, Azuria might introduce you to Laurence Mansfield at level 4 if you're at the Confidant level, but she'll do it at 5 or higher regardless.

After you do a single mission for Laurence Mansfield and reach the Colleague level, he will introduce you to a level 5-9 non-Magic Origin Contact. You can do a single mission for that new contact and be introduced to yet another. Continue and you'll have all 5 Origin Contacts for level 5-9.

If you get them up to Confidant, they'll all introduce you to new level 10-15 contacts at level 9. Otherwise they'll wait till 10.

LevelTechnologyMutation NaturalScienceMagic
20-25 Andrew Fiore
Claire Childress
Jake Kim
Lt. Col. Hugh McDougal
Vic Garland
Wilma Peterson
Amanda Loomis
Dennis Ewell
Hinckley Rasmussen
Jim Bell
Lt. Manuel Ruiz
Tyler French
Barry Gosford
John Strobel
Justin Greene
Oswald Cuthbert
Rondel Jackson
Wilson Eziquerra
Georgia Fields
Justine Kelly
Kevin Cordell
Kirsten Woods
Melanie Peebles
Polly Cooper
Andrea Mitchell
Colin Royce
Dr. Cheng
Joseph Keller
Oliver Hoak
Piper Irving
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25-30 Collin Larson
Marvin Weintraub
Ashwin Lannister
Laurie Pennington
Christine Lansdale
Eliza Thorpe
Lorenzo Tate
Laura Brunetti
Miriam Bloechl
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30-35 Neal Kendrick
Tina Chung
Jose Escalante
Merisel Valenzuela
Philipa Meraux
Jenny Firkins
Lou Pasterelli
Allison King
Peter Stemitz
OtherStory ArcAccomplishment BadgeStory ArcOtherStory ArcAccomplishment BadgeStory ArcStory Arc
35-40 Anton Sampson
Colleen Nelson
Gordon Stacy
Ginger Yates
Cadao Kestrel
OtherOtherOtherOtherStory ArcOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherStory ArcOtherOtherOtherOtherStory ArcAccomplishment BadgeStory ArcStory ArcAccomplishment Badge
40-45 Maxwell Christopher
Tina Macintyre
Janet Kellum
Madeleine Casey
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45-50 Crimson
Unai Kemen
Harvey Maylor
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One final example for Origin Contacts. If you talk to Azuria for the first time at level 30, she'll introduce you to a level 5-9 Magic Origin Contact. Talk to them and you'll be introduced to a level 10-14 Magic Origin Contact. Repeat till you get a level 30-34 Magic Origin Contact. You can then do missions for them and get introduced to another level 30-34 Origin Contact, and repeat to collect the whole set.

Extra Contacts

These are similar to Origin Contacts, but they aren't really Origin Contacts. An Origin Contact will introduce an extra contact of the same level range when you reach Colleague Level. These contacts stock enhancements of all origins.

35-40Steven Sheridan
Story Arc
40-45Angus McQueen
OtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherStory ArcOtherOtherOtherOther
45-50Maria Jenkins
OtherOtherOtherStory ArcOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherOtherAccomplishment BadgeOther

Store Contacts

These are contacts that have special stores. They sell level 30 and 35 SOs. They will only sell to characters who have completed a single mission for them, and they will only offer the mission to level 30+ characters. There's also Ghost Falcon who sells 40, 45, and 50 SOs, and will only offer his mission to level 40 chars. Store Contacts will only show up on your Contact list while you're doing their mission.

Technology30-40Mark IVContact Store Mission
Mutation30-40Penny PrestonContact Store Mission
Natural30-40Agent SixContact Store Mission
Science30-40Holsten ArmitageContact Store Mission
Magic30-40SerafinaContact Store Mission
Extra40-50Ghost FalconContact Store Mission

Epic Contacts

These contacts replace the starting origin contact for both epic arhitypes; Warshades and Peacebringers. They will also give out architype specific story arcs every five levels, starting from level 5, all the way up to level 50. Shadowstar is the Warshade contact. Sunstorm is the Peacebringer contact.

Task Force Contacts

10-15PositronTask Force
16-20SynapseTask Force
20-25Sister PsycheTask Force
23-28MoonfireTask Force
25-31CitadelTask Force
26-30Ernesto HessTask Force
30-35Calvin Scott (Removed)No Missions
30-35ManticoreTask Force
30-35Katie HannonTask Force
35-38NuminaTask Force
40-45Sara MooreTask Force
40-50Dr. QuaterfieldTask Force
44-50Justin AugustineTask Force
44-50Faathim the KindTask Force
45-50StatesmanTask Force

Trial Contacts

24-33Jane HallawayTrial
34-43Captain James HarlanTrial
38-40Maren MacGregorTrial
44-50Major Richard FlaggTrial

Zone Contacts

These Contacts were added for the missions in new zones. They are introduced by missions at the appropriate level. For example, the first level 5-9 mission you will likely get is to visit Lt. David Wincott in the Hollows. However, you can just talk to him, Stephanie Peebles on Striga Isle, Gordon Bower in Croatoa or General Hammond in Firebase Zulu, and they will appear in your contact list and be available.

ZoneContacts (In order)
The Hollows David Wincott [5-10], Flux [5-10], Julius the Troll [10-15], Talshak the Mystic [10-15]
Striga Isle Stephanie Peebles [20-25], Long Jack [20-25], Tobias Hansen [25-30], Lars Hansen [25-30]
Croatoa Gordon Bower [25-29], Skipper LeGrange [25-29], Kelly Nemmers [25-35], Buck Salinger [30-35]
The Shadow Shard General Hammond [40-45], Dr. Boyd [40-45], Dr. Huxley [45-50], Lt. Col. Flynn [45-50], Lt. Volkov [45-50]
Rikti War Zone Levantera [35-50], Serpent Drummer [40-50], Gaussian [45-50], The Dark Watcher [45-50],
Ouroboros The Pilgrim [25-29], Twilight's Son [25-34], Mender Lazarus [30-39], Mender Silos [46-50],
Paragon University Admissions Officer Lenk [10-50], Professor Boram [10-50], Professor Taylor [10-50], Professor Chandler [10-50], Professor Topffer [10-50], Guidance Consellor Jones [10-50],

New Zone Contacts follow a strict line of introductions. For example, Lt. David Wincott will introduce you to Flux, who will introduce you to Julius the Troll, who will introduce you to Talshak the Mystic. You will only get these introductions after finishing all of their missions, or by out levelling them.

PvP Zone Contacts

Bloody Bay 15-25 Warzone Agent Eckman PvP Zone MissionPvP Zone MissionPvP Zone MissionPvP Zone MissionPvP Zone Mission
Siren's Call 20-32 Warzone Agent Brinson PvP Zone MissionPvP Zone MissionPvP Zone MissionPvP Zone MissionPvP Zone Mission
Warburg 30-50 Warzone Agent Goddard PvP Zone MissionPvP Zone MissionPvP Zone MissionPvP Zone MissionPvP Zone Mission

Special Event Contacts

Valentine's Day/Pocket D Ganymede, DJ Zero
Christmas Father Time
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