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Achievement Checklists

Recently I started using Google Docs for my achievement checklists, rather than OpenOffice, so rather than just bin them when I’m finished they’re out there on the internet should anyone find them useful. I never use full walkthroughs, but find it handy having a list of stuff to do as I go through [...]

Final Fantasy XIII (Part 2)

So, I finally completed FFXII last week. Clocking in a mammoth 114 hours in the course of 21 days. I think my initial impressions comparing it to FFX turned out pretty accurate in the end. Although the story was interesting enough to keep me wanting more and the game world itself was truly beautiful, the characters were bland and uninteresting. There certainly wasn't anyone in the same class as the stand out characters from my favourite games in the series; Cloude (VII), Squall (XIII) & Vivi (IX).

Final Fantasy XIII (Part 1)

9 hours 54 minutes on the clock, thought I’d share some of my initial impressions: Hope is possibly the most irritating character in any Final Fantasy game I have ever played, I truly hope the game ends with Lightning sodomizing the little prick with a gun-blade. It took about 7 hours for the [...]

Upcoming Games

So, I’ve got another batch of games in on loan from Rich.  Playing through Lost Odyssey has reminded me how much I enjoy traditional RPGs.  As good as Fallout 3 & Mass Effect were, these “Action RPGs” just don’t hit the same buttons for me: Final Fantasy XIII The Last Remnant Blue Dragon Tomb [...]
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