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Who is JoeX?

Gav can’t remember anything from Saturday, so at least I missed a fucking great party and not one of those crap ones!! Hunted WinAmp skins by JoeX, lots of broken links, but a few successes, any I find will be available on my site for download. A half hour meeting turned into a hour-plus meeting [...]


Sat my IPAT & Programming test today as part of the graduate recruitment process at IBM. IPAT was ok, and the programming test was very basic – I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get 100% to be honest. The IPAT did make me realise how reliant I am on machines for maths now though, even something as [...]


It’s been a quiet few days with Andrew away, there hasn’t been any of the usual ‘unusual’ conversations, I never realised how much shite we manage to talk about in a day until now.


First day back at work after the training, nice to be doing something again. Made a bid for a Man-at-Arms figure on eBay, should find out whether I made the winning bid tomorrow. Went to the pub for dinner with Ant; Matt was being a boring old man and stayed at home, had a couple of pints and [...]

AD2 Day 4

Last day of AD2 today, thank God for that, my will to live has been slowly draining away minute by minute. Had a very strange discussion on women’s underwear withAndrew on the way home; we had a worrying level of knowledge on this topic! Paid £79 for a years’ web hosting (200 megs & loads of [...]

15 Million Square Feet

Me: 15 million square feet, that’s a lot of square feet. Andrew: Yeah, imagine tying to find shoes that fit. AD2 day 2, half way now. Fairly uneventful day all round – sorry Liverpool got a 2-2 draw with Newcastle which wasn’t great but at least “our fate is still in our own hands” as they [...]

AD2 Day 1

First day of Application Development Level 2 course today, God it’s going to be a long week! On a brighter note (literally) the weather has been fantastic today, pity I’ve spent the majority of the day in a room with no windows.

23.8 grams

Toyed with hashes of arrays in Perl, eventually got it sussed – but on review decided that I had dreamt the whole thing, as what I was left with didn’t make an ounce (sorry, 23.8 grams) of sense. Went in to Winchester in the evening, “security” asked for ID at O’Neill’s – bastards, but I had come [...]

An Eventful Game

IT’s v Grad’s footy today – we won 3-1, I fucked my knee (again), some French guy on the graduate team got sent off for ‘butting one of our players, also had two penalties; it was an eventful match to say the least. Also put a fiver on ‘Boro to get relegated at william hill. Couldn’t resist the [...]
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