First Contact

I think it’s the general election today, I’ve managed to avoid all mention of the elections since last Wednesday, but I heard on the radio this morning that a reporter “…will be spending his last day on the election campaign trail today…”. Someone has actually been to the site (other than me & [...]


The Perl code for reading the new XML’y diary is now nearly ready, just gotta add a few finishing touches; hopefully it’ll be up by the end of the week.


Went for a walk + ended up in town + spent another 80 odd quid = not good. (I only wanted a bit of fresh air!!) I must stop going out at weekends, it’s costing me a small fortune. Needless to say I bought some more DVD’s – Buffy Season Two to be exact – fifteen or so hours of slaying action. No [...]


Am I the only person getting really hacked off with this general election thing, I just can’t escape it; websites, television, radio, billboards and even their cars with the mega-phones on the roof. What I wouldn’t give for a good sniper rifle. It’s just a giant popularity contest really; surely [...]

Four Hours

4 hour train journey – again, I really must learn to drive. Had a read through the diary myself, jeez some of the qotd’s have been pretty poor recently, what’s that I hear? The scraping of barrels – I think so, don’t you?

To The Pub!

Met up with Jon & Sheena at Wetherspoons (in Maidstone). They got rather pissed, I had a few but didn’t fancy getting wankered seeing as I had to walk 4(ish) miles home afterwards!


Feeling a bit raw from last night, but not too bad on the whole. Gave Michael a good kicking on all his computer games – HAHA I AM THE KING!!

… Which Was Nice

BBQ in the garden, followed by a night out in Winchester, after a few in Wetherspoons we all headed to the Porthouse, which was so dead that they let us in without paying, which was nice. I wandered off at half eleven(ish), and woke up an hour later on a bench in Winchester park.

No Point

I hate the NHS, I rang two doctors surgeries to try get my toe seen to, the first wouldn’t even speak to me because their “list was closed”. The second phoned me back after an hour and told me that there was no point coming to the surgery, as they wouldn’t do anything anyway!! – [...]

Not the Break I Had in Mind

I really need a break!! Unfortunately the only break I got was on my big toenail at football – major pain. My toenail was pointing UPWARDS when I took my boot off, which is brilliantly timed for the 4 team charity football league starting tomorrow.
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