The Challenge

Set myself a challenge: I have £100 to bet with, in exactly twelve months time I must have more than £100. To be honest, I’d be surprised if I’ve got anything left in a few months time. I usually place fiver bets so even if I do lose every time I can play for 20 bets, at the end of the day it’s [...]

Sesame Street

Went to Bar Iguana in the evening with Ant & Brett; live band every Sunday – they even played a version of the Sesame Street theme!


Check out Microsoft’s Really Hidden Files v2.0 on FuckMicrosoft.com. Scary how much junk is left laying around on your PC…

Big Brother

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve been watching Big Brother recently, I can’t miss an episode, how on Earth did I get dragged into this show? I remember hating it so much at the start.


I’ve been reading in the news about two sweet innocent little boys, whose lives are in danger, their parents believe they will be dead within 4 weeks, how horrible. But wait; are these not the same evil shits that killed that little kid a few years back? Nah – can’t be, surely they were locked [...]

So Little Time

Finally finished listening to my mp3’d Radiohead collection at work – all 170+ tracks. So for a change of pace I chose something a little more cheery … Black Sabbath. Finished off a lot of loose ends during the day, which was nice. Gavin’s leaving this Friday, makes me realise how little time [...]

Night at the Station

The Bon Jovi gig was cool, probably 70 thousand people there? Unfortunately my expectation of having two options once the gig had ended hadn’t taken into account one thing – SUNDAY. That’s right, t’was a Sunday, everywhere was closed long before the gig even ended, so I spent from 11 till 4:20 in [...]

Two Options

Off to see Bon Jovi in Cardiff today, the first train back isn’t ’till 4 am tomorrow morning so I’m gonna be up all night in Cardiff. The way I see it I have two options: Get totally pissed in bars and clubs that may still be open after the gig before heading to the station for the 4 am [...]


Today has been very, mmmm – dull. Woke up at twelve, tried to remember how I got home last night, failed to remember how I got home last night so went back to bed. Played F1 2001 for too long than can be healthy and watched “Meet the Parents” (Rob De Niro & Ben Stiller), a funny film [...]

Knives Out

Amnesiac has been out for ages and I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here once, shame on me. Needless to say, I bought the album on release day and it took me a few times through to get into it. Track 6 – Knives Out is probably my favourite on the album at the moment.
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