The main factor that pushed me into finally buying a Pi was the addition of CEC support for the model B.  For any media center solution to get my attention CEC support is simply a must have.


The CEC adapter works wonderfully, it's responsive and plays nicely not only with the TV (sony Bravia 40EX503), but with my AV Receiver as well.  However it didn't take long for me to get annoyed with the default settings of the adapter:

  • With the Pi powered by my TV I didn't have to worry about booting it up, as it would boot anytime the TV is powered on, but it quickly got annoying that shutting down the Pi would cause the TV to turn off as well.

  • The second annoyance was that when the Pi is powered on it would automatically become the active source on the TV — with the Pi being powered by the TV this meant that every time the TV was turned on it would switch to the Pi.

It took a while but I eventually found the configuration options for CEC: Settings > System > Input Devices > Peripherals > Raspberry Pi CEC Adapter.  

The changes I made to the configuration are captured below: