Found out I’ve got to the next stage of the IBM recruitment process for Hursley, on a list of 20 IT’s who made it to the interview stage, it’ll be great if I can get a job sorted before I even start my final year at university. Speaking of which; the late work panel rejected my work, so it’s capped at 40% and it won’t be marked ’till September. To me this is so petty, the mark doesn’t even contribute to my degree, and what if I don’t even pass it? “No, you failed your year out, so it doesn’t count, you can never mention it again!”. I can’t wait to get away from UWE.

The hunt for joeX continues, but without much luck – his email is dead, and neither deathsdoor or are up.

I’ve decided that I don’t like the website’s purple design anymore, so I’ll probably redo it over the weekend.