Welcome to the definitive collection of JoeX WinAmp skins.

Thanks to Casey at
brains-N-brawn.com for contributing the
SkinCycle JoeX collection … 97 different skins listed now!

These skins were designed with WinAmp 2.x in mind, I still use WinAmp 2.x over later versions as that was the last
version of WinAmp that was just a music player. If anyone wants to convert these skins to whatever format the
latest bloated version of WinAmp uses and share them with the world I’ll happily host them here alongside the originals.


Akira Blue Akira Bondage Akira Confused
Akira Fingers Akira Floor Akira Graffiti
Akira Lioness Akira Run Down Akira Sit


Alba MGX Alba Pale Pink Alba Seventeen
Alba Sly Alba Smile Alba Tile

Alley Baggett

Baggett & Sung Hi Beach Baggett & Sung Hi Fishing Baggett Bared
Baggett Beauty Baggett Bra Baggett Bum
Baggett Corset Baggett Curious Baggett Orchard
Baggett Plant

Britney Spears

Britney Blank Britney Blue Britney White


Ford Air Stream Ford Coke Pout Ford Coke Smile
Ford Peek Ford Rail Ford Window


Hiroko Close Hiroko Down Hiroko Pink
Hiroko True

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez Beach Lopez Close Lopez Glass
Lopez Sheryl B&W Lopez Sheryl Lopez Smile
Lopez You

Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy Christmas Bear McCarthy Christmas Beard McCarthy Christmas Present
McCarthy Daytime