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Modifying Mystique

I setup a new theme on the site today; Mystique. One thing that I didn't like with it was the lack of a "more" link after the excerpts on the front page, so I made a quick edit to functions.php & core.php to re-enable this feature.

Moving MediaMonkey to a Network Drive

So, I’ve already relocated my entire media library to my new NAS box, so it’s about time to set up MediaMonkey to access it all again. Configuration First off, edit MediaMonkey.ini. Insert the DBName property and modify the PreviewDir [...]

Syncing from Lotus Notes to Google Calendar

I’ve been looking for a way to get data out of Lotus Notes into a slightly less horrific tool for some time now. Although I still haven’t found anything to allow me to dump Notes as my e-mail client at work, I can now say goodbye to it as my work calendar: syncnotes2google

WMCreateDeviceRegistration() error ‘0xc00d2782’

Last night I finally gave up on Vista and reverted back to my XP installation, but WMP Media Sharing was still broken — luckily I stumbled on a error message from WMPNetworkSvc in the Event log when I was actually looking for something else: A new media server was not initialized because [...]

JoeX WinAmp Skins: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of the definitive collection of JoeX WinAmp skins. Pamela Anderson Sasha Singleton Sung Hi Lee Miscellaneous Anime

JoeX WinAmp Skins: Part 1

Welcome to the definitive collection of JoeX WinAmp skins. Thanks to Casey at for contributing the SkinCycle JoeX collection … 97 different skins listed now! These skins were designed with WinAmp 2.x in mind, I still use WinAmp 2.x over later versions as that was the last version [...]
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