So, I’ve already relocated my entire media library to my new NAS box, so it’s about time to set up MediaMonkey to access it all again.


First off, edit MediaMonkey.ini. Insert the DBName property and modify the PreviewDir one:


Move the existing MediaMonkey database to the network location specified, alongside a copy of the ini file which will serve as a template for subsequent MediaMonkey installs on other machines.

Relocating the Library

I should have moved the files using MediaMonkey’s AutoOrganise function so that all the links were updated in the database at the same time. Fortunately there is an alternative; fire up MediaMonkey and install the SQL-Viewer script, which will allow us to work directly with the database using SQL.

1. Find out the IDMedia of both the current and new locations. To find out the new location IDMedia (Y) (together with the current IDMedia locator), add a duplicate test track from the new (UNC) location. and run:

select * from Songs where songtitle = "example song title"

2. Now we know the IDMedia, run the path change query:

update Songs set SongPath = replace(SongPath, "M:\", "\\server\music\Library") WHERE IDMedia = "X"

3. Update the IDMedia to the new location for all songs:

update Songs set IDMedia = "Y" WHERE IDMedia = "X"


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