I’ve long considered laser eye surgery so as to be rid of glasses and contact lenses forever, but I’m too scared to go through with it in all honesty. What if I was in the “less than 1%” who suffer vision reducing complications? I couldn’t risk suffering problems with something as important as my sight just for the convenience of not having to wear glasses again; especially as my vision isn’t all that bad in the first place.

Today, I stumbled upon a year old article on Gizmondo detailing one man’s experience that I felt queezy just reading:

A whirring sound commenced and my eyeball felt like it was being sucked up and out of my skull, elongated like a green grape between a Roman emperor’s fingers, ready to burst. The bright blue-white light grew closer. As the pressure killed circulation in the eye things went black and I felt an arcing slice in the surface of my cornea—I did not move my jaw or tongue or mouth, but deep in my throat I uncontrollably whimpered, “THAT HURT!” and hoped no one heard me.