I really wish this was how it went down, rather than another company taking advantage of the increasingly retarded buying habits of gamers. I don’t mind that the idiots are being swindled out their money with these extortionate prices, however occasionally there’s content that I’d like to buy if the prices weren’t so unreasonable, and their idiocy is keeping the prices too high for me to justify.

Take the Modern Warfare Stimulus Package; £10 for 5 maps, the entire game was available for £26 from the Supermarkets when first released. Even at the full retail price of £40 it’s impossible to justify the £15 price tag. Of course you don’t need to look much further than the Xbox Avatar Marketplace for conclusive proof of the insanity of DLC pricing. £7 to equip your Avatar with a Lightsaber and the Dark Lord Armour. It’s no wonder that Avatar Rewards are nearly non-existent 🙁