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Sat my IPAT & Programming test today as part of the graduate recruitment process at IBM. IPAT was ok, and the programming test was very basic – I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get 100% to be honest. The IPAT did make me realise how reliant I am on machines for maths now though, even something as [...]

It’s For Charity

Final match of the charity league today – even thought we went a goal up after just 3 minutes, we lost 2-1 and thus finished second behind the team that had beaten us.


The Perl code for reading the new XML’y diary is now nearly ready, just gotta add a few finishing touches; hopefully it’ll be up by the end of the week.

Keep Smiling

Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to. – Gemma Hughes (Manic Gemma) Watched Buffy the vampire slayer series 2 last night through to this morning (7pm ’til 10am), I am a total wreck now, having had no sleep at all and been sat in front of my ‘tele for 17+ hours without a [...]


Went for a walk + ended up in town + spent another 80 odd quid = not good. (I only wanted a bit of fresh air!!) I must stop going out at weekends, it’s costing me a small fortune. Needless to say I bought some more DVD’s – Buffy Season Two to be exact – fifteen or so hours of slaying action. No [...]

A First Taste of Glory

So I completely missed out on Liverpool’s glory years, with the exception of the FA Cup in 1992 and a League Cup in 1994 I have had little to shout about for a decade — until the 2000/01 season that is. Gerard Houllier took the Reds to an unprecidented cup teble, winning the UEFA Cup, F.A. Cup and [...]


It’s been a quiet few days with Andrew away, there hasn’t been any of the usual ‘unusual’ conversations, I never realised how much shite we manage to talk about in a day until now.


Am I the only person getting really hacked off with this general election thing, I just can’t escape it; websites, television, radio, billboards and even their cars with the mega-phones on the roof. What I wouldn’t give for a good sniper rifle. It’s just a giant popularity contest really; surely [...]

Four Hours

4 hour train journey – again, I really must learn to drive. Had a read through the diary myself, jeez some of the qotd’s have been pretty poor recently, what’s that I hear? The scraping of barrels – I think so, don’t you?

To The Pub!

Met up with Jon & Sheena at Wetherspoons (in Maidstone). They got rather pissed, I had a few but didn’t fancy getting wankered seeing as I had to walk 4(ish) miles home afterwards!
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