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First day back at work after the training, nice to be doing something again. Made a bid for a Man-at-Arms figure on eBay, should find out whether I made the winning bid tomorrow. Went to the pub for dinner with Ant; Matt was being a boring old man and stayed at home, had a couple of pints and [...]

Central Eating for Piss Heads

Never quite made it to Southampton last night, the last train back meant we would have to be leaving the pubs at 10. Stayed in Winchester instead (extra 2 ‘n a half hours to our night !!). That’s two in a row now; I blame Ant – he’s leading me astray!! There were a lot of miserable Arsenal fans [...]

Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool

What a day, lovely sunny day, woke up about 10, nipped into town to buy a few CD’s and got back in time for the main event, the F.A. Cup final. Oh boy what a great match, one-nil down with 15 minutes to go, I was in a very bad mood, then magic, o what magic; Owen puts us back in it, needless to say [...]

AD2 Day 4

Last day of AD2 today, thank God for that, my will to live has been slowly draining away minute by minute. Had a very strange discussion on women’s underwear withAndrew on the way home; we had a worrying level of knowledge on this topic! Paid £79 for a years’ web hosting (200 megs & loads of [...]


Bought a domain name today: “nofuture.org.uk”, from Register.com – will get a hosting service tomorrow. Watched nine episodes of The A-team, so expect some added A-Team content soon.

15 Million Square Feet

Me: 15 million square feet, that’s a lot of square feet. Andrew: Yeah, imagine tying to find shoes that fit. AD2 day 2, half way now. Fairly uneventful day all round – sorry Liverpool got a 2-2 draw with Newcastle which wasn’t great but at least “our fate is still in our own hands” as they [...]

AD2 Day 1

First day of Application Development Level 2 course today, God it’s going to be a long week! On a brighter note (literally) the weather has been fantastic today, pity I’ve spent the majority of the day in a room with no windows.

Spaced … Completely

Watched “Spaced series one” on DVD with Ant (for the second time this weekend !!). Went out with Ant in the evening (Wetherspoon’s an O’Neill’s), being a bank holiday the pubs closed at 11pm (makes sense?) so the entire night cost less than £10 which was bloody good for 3 pints each and a bowl of [...]

Boil-in-the-bag Perversion

The timewarp … It’s boil-in-the-bag perversion for sexually repressed accountants and first year drama students with too many posters of Betty Blue, The Blues Brothers, Big Blue & Blue Velvet on their blue bloody walls! – Simon Pegg (Tim Bisley, Spaced) 2 out of 4 in the weekend gamble; not even [...]

Bank Holiday Betting

Bought eight films on DVD … that’s my bank holiday weekend sorted. My bet on Middlesborough getting relegated was looking good until about half past four; Coventry threw away a two goal lead against Aston Villa, and Boro’ equalised against Bradford. My only hope now is if Man City can win both [...]
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