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Major Dilemma

Hashes of arrays sussed thanks to Andrew, nearly finished Perl script to generate my bookmarks section based on an IE Favourites Folder. It’s working, just needs a few finishing touches. Tuned in to TOTP, hoping for a decent number one this week, S-club 7 (sincerest apologies if the “-” is in the [...]

23.8 grams

Toyed with hashes of arrays in Perl, eventually got it sussed – but on review decided that I had dreamt the whole thing, as what I was left with didn’t make an ounce (sorry, 23.8 grams) of sense. Went in to Winchester in the evening, “security” asked for ID at O’Neill’s – bastards, but I had come [...]

A Dink

(Note to self: 2.2 is not 2.4) After spending half an hour updating the wrong files (sacrificing my lift home to do so) I get a lift with Andrew who, in a selfless act to make my life more interesting I assume, runs over a motorcyclist on the way – OK, it was less of a “run over” and more a [...]

An Eventful Game

IT’s v Grad’s footy today – we won 3-1, I fucked my knee (again), some French guy on the graduate team got sent off for ‘butting one of our players, also had two penalties; it was an eventful match to say the least. Also put a fiver on ‘Boro to get relegated at william hill. Couldn’t resist the [...]
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