What a great Summer for Liverpool!  £4m for N’gog, I thought he’d be another piece of deadwood we’d struggle to give away.  By my count that’s over a dozen players shipped out either on loan or permanently this Summer.  Cole & Aquilani out on loan to Lille and AC Milan respectively.  Konchesky, Jovanovic, Poulsen, Kyrgiakos, Mavinga, Bruna, Ayala, Ince, Insua & N’Gog all sold/given free transfers, and in the final hours of the day the news that Degan’s registration has been cancelled by mutual consent too.  These deals alone would be cause for celebration given the bloated squad we’ve been lumbered with over the past half a decade, but when you consider the players we’ve brought in; Downing, Adam, Henderson, Coates, Enrique, Bellamy & Doni I think this has to rank as out best ever Summer transfer wise.

I can even look at the last minute transfer of Miereles to Chelsea without too much sadness; he played great under Kenny in the latter half of last season, but for whatever reason the manger clearly hasn’t been convinced by him.  This departaure, perhaps more significantly means that in the course of 12 months every single player who arrived under the reign of Roy Hodgson has been moved on.

At the start of the Summer I’d have been delighted with the season if we’d been able to overhaul Arsenal and take 4th place, what a difference a couple of months make though.  Fourth seems like it’s ours to lose with the squad we have now compared to our rivals for the final CL spot (Spurs & Arsenal), I’m even hoping that we might push Chelsea for 3rd if we have a good year.  Man Utd and Man City look like they’re going to be in a league of their own this season sadly, I pray that the Premier League doesn’t go the way of La Liga over the next few years.

That said, I’m glad the transfer window’s done with, I don’t think I can survive reading “BBC Sport understands” one more time today. Just admit it McNulty & co, you are just guessing like the rest of us and hoping something sticks; and the sycophantic back slapping when one of their peers finally get’s something right is nauseating.  I lost count of the number of times these “journalists” have revealed “a big twist” in the Arteta to Arsenal saga today, only to state something completely contradictory minutes later, without even a hint of irony.

The Ministry of Truth would be proud.