Mirror’s Edge

I'm running through Mirror's Edge trying to complete the time trials at the moment. This is a game that's really grown on in the last few weeks since I picked it up again after taking a break from it for a couple of months, trying to master the levels for time trials is proving incredibly challenging, however beating the time trials is making my Hard run through a piece of cake.

In searching for some tips to cut precious seconds off my times on YouTube I came across this wonderful video — how I wish I could do stuff like that in real life too!

The Online Gamer

If people acted in the real world like they do in online gaming …

Font Conference

This has to be one of the most funny and original videos I've seen online – Font Conference.

Airplane 8-Ball Ying-Yang Glasses. Mailbox! Open Mailbox!

Liverpool Impersonations

There are no words .. these are best impressions I've seen in a long time — mind you the current crop of TV impressionists are pretty dire so that's not saying much.

The Force that Binds…

Even IBM have got themselves onto YouTube … witness some of my colleagues partaking in the YouTube experiment. Am I the only person that find the video a bit creepy/disturbing?

If you think you can handle more of that take a peek at WebSphere MQ TV. Our product has it's very own TV station, how cool is that?


I guess if I was going to have to watch Man Utd or Chelsea win the Champions League the best I could hoped for was seeing the man who epitomises everything I hate about Chelsea fluff the penalty kick that would have won the Champions League for his team and then watch the opposition go on to win the trophy…

The next morning I caught this on Sky Sports News — and have been waiting for it to turn up on YouTube ever since.

Star Wars according to a 3 year old

If I ever have a daughter she better be this damned cute; I can’t even persuade Hayley to watch Star Wars!

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