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Dying Is Not Sad

Dying is not sad – it’s living when you’re not happy that’s sad

– Clara, The Torture Garden (Octave Mirbeau)

I’m watching way too much Big Brother recently. Watching Paul & Helen flirt is painful, just get on with it for Gods sake.

Cracked Eggs Dead Birds

Watched The Mummy Returns at the cinema, a definite no-brainer flick, total sit back and enjoy, none of that plot stuff to think about. BBQ at a farm in the evening, 50 foreign students, half of which were women make for an interesting evening. Amazingly the DJ played a Radiohead tune (Street [...]

Spaced … Completely

Watched “Spaced series one” on DVD with Ant (for the second time this weekend !!). Went out with Ant in the evening (Wetherspoon’s an O’Neill’s), being a bank holiday the pubs closed at 11pm (makes sense?) so the entire night cost less than £10 which was bloody good for 3 pints each and a bowl of [...]
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