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Starsky & Hutch

Finally went to see Starsky & Hutch, Snoop Dogg as Huggy Bear was possibly the greatest piece of casting ever:)


‘Tis my 24th birthday, didn’t get up to anything — getting old is very depressing 🙁 Went to see Dawn of the Dead, Linda refused to come being the coward she is 😉 The film itself was very good, a much better remake than the recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre debacle.

New depths

Ker Ching, Pop idol finalists are going to murder Lennon’s Happy Xmas (War is Over) … another depth well and truly sunken to.

A Little on the Dark Side

Will this ship get me to Alder-shot?

Is the veloc-ometor metric? I’d like to avoid any emperial entanglements

[on the colour of the car] … my last was a little on the dark side

Dead Ringers (BBC2)


Eddie: “But what about protection?”

Richie: “I won’t need any … she’s unconcious!”

Hooligans Island / Bottom Live 3

The Usual Dilema

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!! Just the usual dilema; shall I get drunk now?

or … shall I get very drunk now?

or … am I drunk already?

I better have a little drinky and think about it.

Hooligans Island / Bottom Live 3

Wank Biscuit

You thorough and total wank biscuit!

Hooligans Island / Bottom Live 3

A Sad, Used Tampon

Richie: “You really are a sad, used tampon aren’t you?”

Eddie: “No, I’m just a little sunburn’t!”

Hooligans Island / Bottom Live 3

My Theory

Richie: “Nevertheless I think my theory holds water.”

Eddie: “And what theory is that?”

Richie: “That our diets have something to do with  what  we  eat

Hooligans Island / Bottom Live 3

A Person Like Other People

All my life needed was a sense of some place to go. I don’t believe that one should devote his life to morbid self attention, I believe that someone should become a person like the other people.

– Travis Bickle, Taxi Driver

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