Hashes of arrays sussed thanks to Andrew, nearly finished Perl script to generate my bookmarks section based on an IE Favourites Folder. It’s working, just needs a few finishing touches.

Tuned in to TOTP, hoping for a decent number one this week, S-club 7 (sincerest apologies if the “-” is in the wrong place) had the unsurprisingly dire number one this week, and even worse than that; one s-clubber has grown his hair to the length and style that I am so close to. Major dilemma here, as you can imagine – can I really face accusations of copying his “style”, even though I have been growing my hair for the past 6 months to get it that way? The attraction of the look was that it wasn’t actually a look, probably better described as a “mess”.

Missed Trigger Happy TV, which pissed me off immensely, watched Frasier, and that was about it.