I’ve had a second 360 kicking about the house gathering dust for nearly 2 months now as I haven’t got around to putting it on ebay since replacing it with a 360S. h

On a whim I decided I’d have a crack at GOAT/Hall of Famer in Rockstar Table Tennis this weekend, taking advantage of the free XBL gold for all silver accounts.  I made trip into town and ventured into the den of vice that is GAME, holding back the vitriol I payed the £4.99 they were demanding for a used copy of Table Tennis, relieved that it was not among the dozens of 5 year old used games they are still charging over £15 for!

Now for people that haven’t played the game before GOAT is rediculously easy.  My first account reached GOAT within 3 hours, starting from absolute zero.  From that point on I could get a new account from 0 to 50 in 5-6 matches.  Sadly I play my games properly before I chase achievements when I’m bored of the game, in RSTT this kind of left me with a mountain to climb due to the way the ranking works.  I started the weekend with a record of P78 W54 L24, which isn’t too bad imo.  That left me with a TrueSkill of 29, but with so many games played I was not going to be able to take advantage of the faster ranking up when games played is low.

12 accounts later, all but 2 hitting GOAT themselves in the course of over 600 “matches” in the past 24 hours, and I’d managed to boost 85 wins off high level accounts to finally unlock what I feared I had made a near impossible achievement by playing the game for fun in the first place.

If I could find someone interested in Hall of Famer I’d knock that one out too for the 1000.  That may be more of a challenge though, I’ve discovered this weekend that boosting is much easier when you don’t need anyone else to help you 🙂