Finally completed the Ballad of Gay Tony after much frustration in the Sexy Time mission, trying to aim and fly the Buzzard at the same time:(

TBOGT – Gold Star

I learned the trick to calling Henrique to deliver a fast car moments before using the phone to restart the mission a little too late to make the most of it, however it was certainly helpful on a couple of missions.  For those that don’t know; you need to head to where the mission will start you, and call Henrique, asking him to deliver whichever car is your favourite, then while he’s still on his way to you with the car start the mission.  This way the car won’t disappear when you start the mission.  A faster car can save considerable time given most the missions involve driving half way across the city before you do something interesting.

On an unrelated note, I’ve set about writing some scripts to pull my data out of TA so I can have a play with it myself. It’s a shame there’s no public API to access our own data.