I’m revisiting some old games picking up the achievements I couldn’t be bothered with the first time; primarily the online achievements that require you to play an inordinate amount of time online, as usual.

After finishing Overlord it’s time for Saint’s Row; another in a long line of  games providing a good single player campaign coupled with a token multiplayer effort that there really was no need for (Overlord & Bioshock 2 I’m looking at you right now).

I’ve rounded up five reliable friends to boost with and the goal is to have Kingpin and Dominator nailed for all by the end of next week.

  1. Kingpin
  2. Dominator

We had a bit of a false start yesterday, only completing two matches, but thankfully it was not the fault of the game itself.  The matchmaking proved pretty painless once everyone understood the process, with it taking around a minute to get the two lobbies into the same match.  In the two games we managed to complete Codehead  jumped from rank 0 to 21, which supports what I’ve read that you can get from zero to Kingpin in 5-6 games.

Hopefully session two will avoid any real life dramas and we can get at least one of us to Kingpin.