I’ve been reading in the news about two sweet innocent little boys, whose lives are in danger, their parents believe they will be dead within 4 weeks, how horrible. But wait; are these not the same evil shits that killed that little kid a few years back? Nah – can’t be, surely they were locked away for life?

Apparently, they have served their time, a few years of their life in exchange for the rest of James’ life, hardly seems fair, they will live a full life, probably a good life if their cover holds. What have they done to earn this? Why, they tortured and murdered a little boy.

But I can’t say I’m surprised something like this is happening. This country is set up to protect the evil bastards and punish the good man. Take Tony Martin; he shoots a burglar who breaks into his home, this should be taken as an example to all, instead he’s put in prison for “taking the law into his own hands”, he’ll probably end up serving more time than both Venables & Thompson.

I hope a total nutcase finds those two and does some very ugly things to them both, they deserve absolutely nothing – yet are being treated like they are the victims.