Forced Mutation


Mission Index

Stop the Lost from forcing their mutagen on others

Eliza Thorpe

I've got a huge problem with the Lost, Red Tomax, and I think you can help me out. It seems the Lost are forcing other homeless people to take the strange mutagen that turns them into grotesque creatures. Myabe they think they're doing those people a favour, or maybe they're acting purely out of malice. Either way, you've got to stop the Lost from forcing their mutagen on others.

I hate to think of Paragon citizens being turned into monsters. I'm counting on you to put a stop to it.

Part 1: Combat the Lost (Defeat 30 Lost)
Defeat X The Lost

Mission Complete: You have discouraged the Lost from forcing their strange mutagen on others.

Eliza Thorpe

Sometimes it's easy to forget, but under their huge muscles and strange behavior, the Lost are still human beings. Thanks for stopping them from forcing their fate upon others, Red Tomax.

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