Illegal Rikti Technology


Get the records

Georgia Fields

The secretive Lost have been scavenging Rikti technology and selling it to the highest bidder. The government has declared all sales of Rikti tech illegal, but that's not enough to deter themore ruthless corporations from buying it. Bringing the buyers to justice has been all but impossible, sinc ethe Lost work hard to maintain the secrecy of the deals. But I've got a tip on a hideout where the Lost are keeping some records. I just need a brave hero to go in and get them.

Those records could really help us stop the trade in illegal Rikti technology.

Part 1: Defeat Lost leader and his crew (5 files to collect)
Abandoned Warehouse The Lost

The long shadows give this old warehouse a spooky feeling.

Objective: You found some records.


These files contain information on the Lost's sales of scavenged Rikti technology. Several of the Lost's buyers are listed by name.

Mission Complete: You have collected information on the companies that purchased scavenged Rikti technology.

Georgia Fields

You handled that one well, Red Tomax. I'll make sure that all of the evidence gets to the right people. The Rikti nearly destroyed the world, and even the technology they left behind has all kinds of dangerous traps built into it. Greedy people will do anything to get ahead though, even if it means risking their lives and those of their customers. As long as there are heroes like you to stop them, they're going to have a tough time of it.

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