Circle of Thorns

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In the 1890's, upper class England found itself amid a tremendous upsurge of interest in the occult. Most of these dilettantes were more interested in the carnal aspects of ritual magic than in any kind of true arcane knowledge. There were, however, a few exceptions ... among them the Baron Zoria. The charismatic Zoria came to England in 1890, allegedly from Russia, and quickly developed a reputation as a fanatic, outre, and decidedly unpleasant figure. Despite (or perhaps because of) this reputation, the Baron managed to acquire a small circle of devotees.

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Mission Information
1 - 40 VillainSpecial Event The Tainted Water of the Well of the Furies Find out where Arachnos has the cauldron and report back here Scratch (Pocket D)NectarHandsome/Beautiful
5 - 9 HeroKheldian Story Arc An Absence of Shadows Investigate the disappearance of Shadowcatcher Shadowstar (Galaxy City)
5 - 9 HeroPCPD Security Detail Perez Park Security Detail See Perez Park ecurity Chief Genevieve Sanders (Kings Row)Jose Brogan (Atlas Park)Juan Jimenez (Kings Row)Kip Cantorum (Galaxy City)Paula Dempsey (Kings Row)
5 - 10 VillainOther Bocor's Friend Retrieve Bocor's Friend from the Circle of Thorns Mr. Bocor (Port Oakes)
5 - 10 HeroOther Circle bases Hit the streets and interrogate as many Circle mystics as you can find Genevieve Sanders (Kings Row)
5 - 10 HeroOther Circle kidnappings Go to Kings Row and stop the Circle kidnappings Genevieve Sanders (Kings Row)
5 - 10 HeroOther The Jewel of Hera Recover the stolen jewel from the Circle of Thorns Genevieve Sanders (Kings Row)
10 - 14 HeroOther Recover a Circle weapon Defeat Circle of Thorns to get one of their ancient weapons Hugo Redding (Steel Canyon)
10 - 14 HeroAccomplishment Badge Rescue the Mystic Rescue the mystic FlashBackHugo Redding (Steel Canyon)Spelunker
10 - 14 HeroKheldian Story Arc War and the Peacebringers Talk to Shadowstar about the recent disappearances Sunstorm (Atlas Park)
10 - 15 HeroTask Force The Rule of Three Test your mettle Positron (Steel Canyon)Positron's Ally
12 - 15 HeroTrial The Cavern of Transcendence Agree to form a task force Karsis ('The Hollows')Transcendent
12 - 16 HeroMinor Story Arc The Heart of the Hollows Defeat some Trolls FlashBackTalshak the Mystic ('The Hollows')
15 - 19 HeroOther Asleep Forever Go to the sewers and clear the Circle out Thao Ku (Skyway City)
15 - 19 HeroOther Disappearances Defeat 15 Circle mystics Thao Ku (Skyway City)
15 - 19 VillainOther Discipline the Circle of Thorns Discipline the Circle Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)
15 - 19 VillainOther The Altar of Dryzzgor Destroy Altar & Guardians Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)
15 - 19 HeroOther The Outcast Artifact Auction Interrogate some Outcasts on the street Pavel Garnier (Skyway City)Ring of PainScroll of Ruin
15 - 19 HeroOther Tsoo Portal Destroy the portal Thao Ku (Skyway City)
15 - 20 VillainTask Force The Beast Beneath the Mountain Agree to form a strike force Virgil Tarikoss (Cap au Diable)Binder of Beasts
20 - 25 VillainMinor Story Arc Any Body Will Do Find out what's happening to the surveyors Vince Dubrowski (Sharkhead Isle)
20 - 25 VillainStory Arc Coral Bonanza Steal the coral FlashBackCrash Cage (Sharkhead Isle)
20 - 25 VillainStory Arc Disturbing the Dead Speak to Archmage Tarixus FlashBackHenri Dumont (Sharkhead Isle)
20 - 25 HeroAccomplishment Badge Stop both groups of mystic madmen Stop both groups of mystic madmen FlashBackOliver Hoak (Talos Island)Spirit Warrior
24 - 33 VillainTrial Respecification Trial Agree to form a Strike Force Sparcetriel (Nerva Archipelago)Thorn Robber
25 - 30 VillainOther Defeat Nomarsis and his minions Defeat Nomaris and his minions Archmage Tarixus (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 30 VillainStory Arc Forging the Blackwand Retrieve Abyssal Tome from Legacy Chain FlashBackArchmage Tarixus (Sharkhead Isle)Blackwand
25 - 30 HeroOther Investigate the lost city of Oranbega Investigate the lost city of Oranbega Laura Brunetti (Independence Port)Sands of Mu
25 - 30 VillainAccomplishment Badge Offer Soul of Akarist Offer soul of Akarist Archmage Tarixus (Sharkhead Isle)Soul EssenceSoul Taker
25 - 30 VillainMinor Story Arc On the Trail of the Leviathan Interrogate Circle of Thorns Operative Kirkland (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 30 VillainOther The Book, the Circle & the Warriors Steal a book from the Legacy Chain Diviner Maros (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 34 HeroFlashback Smoke and Mirrors Agree to form a task force Twilight's Son (Ouroboros)
30 - 35 VillainStory Arc Chaos Unbound Help Viv make some mischief FlashBackVivacious Verandi (St. Martial)
30 - 35 VillainMinor Story Arc Silver-Tongued Devil Interrogate Wailers Hardcase (St. Martial)
30 - 35 VillainStory Arc Sold for a Song Collect demonic essence FlashBackHardcase (St. Martial)
30 - 35 HeroAccomplishment Badge Stop pact between the Circle of Thorns and Nemesis Rescue the law firm FlashBackTina Chung (Founders' Falls)Corrupter
30 - 35 VillainMinor Story Arc Strange Memories Wipe out the Rikti Timothy Raymond (Nerva Archipelago)
30 - 35 HeroStory Arc The Library of Souls Rescue Edgar Torvald FlashBackPeter Stemitz (Founders' Falls)
30 - 35 VillainAccomplishment Badge The Unlucky Artifacts Get the unlucky artifacts Hard Luck (St. Martial)Bad Luck
30 - 36 HeroTask Force A Mind in Danger Agree to form a task force Calvin Scott (Independence Port)
30 - 40 HeroContact Store Mission Recover Serafina's bottle Recover Serafina's bottle from the Circle of Thorns Serafina (Brickstown)
30 - 50 VillainCostume Unlock power of the destined one Unlock power of destined one Kalinda (Mercy Island)
34 - 43 VillainTrial Respecification Trial ? Trepsarciel (Nerva Archipelago)Thorn Thief
35 - 40 VillainMinor Story Arc A Traitorous History Capture the Circle Librarian and learn what you can from him Magus Mu'Drakhan (Nerva Archipelago)
35 - 40 VillainOther Baphomet Stop the dark summonings of the Circle of Thorns Magus Mu'Drakhan (Nerva Archipelago)
35 - 40 VillainStory Arc Devil May Care Steal something of Johnny's from Arachnos FlashBackJohnny Sonata (St. Martial)
35 - 40 VillainOther Mu'Drakhan's misgivings Speak with Tarixus of Mu'Drakhan's misgivings Magus Mu'Drakhan (Nerva Archipelago)
35 - 40 HeroAccomplishment Badge Stop the Circle of Thorns contacting an alternate world Stop the Circle of Thorns from contacting an alternate world FlashBackCadao Kestrel (Founders' Falls)Frontline
35 - 40 VillainTask Force The Crystal of Serafina Agree to form a Strike Force Ice Mistral (St. Martial)Enchantment of SerafinaCrystal Keeper
35 - 40 HeroStory Arc The Envoy of Shadow Investigate the scene in Kings Row and recover the book FlashBackCadao Kestrel (Founders' Falls)
35 - 40 VillainStory Arc The Secret of the Circle Recover the missing mystic and discover the reason for his abduction FlashBackMagus Mu'Drakhan (Nerva Archipelago)
40 - 45 VillainStory Arc Life and Death Help Ghost Widow get her body back FlashBackGhost Widow (Grandville)
40 - 45 VillainStory Arc Mystic Mayhem Stop the attack FlashBackGhost Widow (Grandville)Ghost Widow's Betrayer
40 - 45 VillainStory Arc Shucking Souls Talk to Arbiter Daos FlashBackMage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)Soul Trap
40 - 45 HeroOther Stop the Rikti transdimensional expedition Stop the Rikti transdimensional expedition before the alternate Circle discovers our Earth Angus McQueen (Founders' Falls)Demon Slayer
40 - 45 VillainStory Arc The Hunt Investigate Circle stronghold FlashBackMage-Killer Zuhkara (Grandville)Soul TrapSoul Trap
40 - 50 HeroOther Green Eyed Devils Battle the Circle of Thorns around the Cascades Lt. Col. Flynn (Cascade Archipelago)
40 - 50 HeroOther The Circle of Thorns Sacrifice Rescue victims from the Circle of Thorns before they're sacrificed Lt. Col. Flynn (Cascade Archipelago)
40 - 50 HeroTask Force The Legend of Ruladak Agree to form a task force Sara Moore (Cascade Archipelago)Destroyer of Strength
44 - 50 HeroTask Force The Saga of Faathim Agree to form a task force Justin Augustine (The Chantry)Protector of Kindness



The She-Devil rule some a plane of Hell before being called forth by the Circle of Thorns. The sorcerers struck a deal with her, and Lilitu has come to earth with her infernal hordes. It is said the price for her services is the death of 666 heroes - including her own son, Infernal.

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