Rescue C'Kelkah


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  • ContactsCrimson (Peregrine Island)
  • Level Range45 - 50
  • Badge Bodyguard You have stopped the assassination of a Rikti peace negotiator.

Find out about the Malta Group/Rikti situation from Indigo


Indigo's uncovered a situation that could be disastrous if allowed to proceed unchecked. It involves the Rikti, who aren't exactly my favourite people; and it involves the Malta Group. If there's any good point, it's that this situation she's discovered has more to so with mutual annihilation between the two groups than holding hands around a campfire. That's about all I can tell you; indigo will be able to tell you the rest if you want to follow up.

I'll warn you, though, Indigo thinks that this one might end up as a battle against time. Once you've made a move,Malta may try to act fast to keep you from winning the second round of this one. You've been warned.

Indigo should be waiting to talk to you. You'll probably have to see her in person. She'll have further instructions for you then.

Part 1: Meet with Indigo
Delivery @ Founders' Falls Rikti,Malta Operatives

I'm glad to see you, RedTomax. I think you're just the person to help handle this.

I don't know what you know about the current state of Rikti affairs, but the Rikti trapped on Earth seem to be factionalizing around different philosophies. I don't know the whole run-down of how and why it happened, but the two factions call themselves the Traditionalists and the Restructurists. The important this is that the Traditionalists are willing to talk cease-fire, and our government has been trying to work one out with that faction.

This is where our 'friends' come in. They're planning to sabotage the talks. They've kidnapped two of the negotiators, one human and one Rikti, and are going to pin their deaths on the other sid. Understadning why is part of their wierd psychology. As far as our 'friends' are concerned, they would rather have an enemy they can made people afraid of and rally against, than a possible friend. From their point of view, it's safer and more useful for their own agenda if they have hostile Rikti aliencs as a threat they can pull out at any time to scare people. If we had a cease-fire, that might lead to peace, or worse.

I don't know how you feel about the RIkti, but I think you can agree that preventing our 'friends' from using them as a boogey man is a good thing. So, I'm going to give you the locations of where they're holding both negotiators. The first one is Dr. Helen Spendler. I'll show you where our 'friends' are keeping her.

Part 2: Defeat lead kidnapper & his men (Rescue Dr. Spendler)
Council base @ Perez Park

The Malta Group has re-conditioned this abandoned Council base.

Mission Complete: You freed Dr. Spendler, and found some important orders on her defeated captors.

ClueNew Orders

You found this print-out of an email to Babel Red Beta, the leader of the Malta Group Operations team who had kidnapped Earth's negotiator with the Traditionalist Rikti. The orders state that Babel Red Beta's counterpart, Babel Red Alpha, is to move up his schedule and kill the Rikti Traditionalist negotiator, a scientist called C'Kelkah, ahead of schedule at a specified location.

Part 3: Rescue Rikti negotiator quickly - 2:30:00 (Locate C'Kelkah)
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Pebble Square

This blasted section of the city hasn't been renovated since the Rikti War. The Malta Group must think it's the perfect backdrop to execute a Rikti negotiator and hope of peace along with her.

Mission Complete: You saved the Traditionalist Rikti negotiator C'Kelkah from assassination by the Malta Group. The peace talks should be able to continue.

Awarded for rescuing C'Kelkah before the time limit expires

Now, I'm not telepathic, and I am certainly no alien telepath, but from people I know who are privy to such information, there are a lot of Rikti buzzing about the save you pulled off there. This C'Kelkah lady seems to be very influential among the Traditionalist Rikti. So, the talks will continue, and who knows? maybe something will come out of it. World could sure use a little more peace, at least in my opinion.

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