Stop the Dimensional Shunt


Rescue the researchers

Christine Lansdale

We just got a call from Dr. Julia Zaahn, the head researcher at a Portal Corporation facility. The Sky Raiders have launched an attack there. Their weapons have caused massive amount of damage and have started a feedback loop, that could cause the whole place to be shunted into another dimension. Get over there fast, and rescue the researchers. You only have 90 minutes to stop the Sky Raiders.

This mission is going to be a tough one. If Dr. Zaahn is right, she's going to need all of her lab techs working to prevent an accident, and a lot of them are being held by the Sky Raiders as hostages. What's more, there are a number of devices and computers that will need to be shut down to prevent a jump from taking place. You'll have to handle all of that on a short time limit.

Part 1: Stop dimensional shunt - 1:30:00 (6 people left, 8 devices remaining)
Laboratory Sky Raiders

The air crackles with energy, as you enter the facility.

Mission Complete: With the assistance of Dr. Zaahn, you were able to prevent the dimensional shunt and saved the Portal Corporation lab.

Christine Lansdale

That was a near thing, Red Tomax. That whole building might simply have been sent to another dimension. The Sky Raiders are ruthless about cleaning up their crimes, but I didn't think they were willing to go that far.

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