Defuse bombs to debuff villain damage


Defuse bombs to debuff villain damage

Warzone Agent Brinson

We've got an emergency, and we need someone to deal with it quickly. Arachnos has hired someone to bomb one of our command posts, and if someone doesn't disarm those bombs, we can say good-bye to it. I also need you to take out the commander of the assault team. Work fast, Red Tomax. You only have an hour.

Don't accept this task if you're not willing to face villains who are trying to kill you.

There'll be an Arachnos assault team on site trying to stop you. Make sure you take out their leader, Operative Karn.

If the Family thinks heroes aren't paying attention to their crimes they're sure to try and increase their activity. If you can defeat about 30 of them, they should be able to get the message.

Part 1: Stop all Arachnos is base - 1:00:00 (2 bombs to disarm)
Longbow Base @ Siren's Call Arachnos

You don't have long before this command post gets blown to smithereens.

Mission Complete: You saved the command post!

Awarded for completing the mission
Warzone Agent Brinson

Whew. That was a close one. If that command center had been taken out, well, let's just say it would have set us back a bit. Thanks to you, Longbow's operation here in Siren's Call is still going strong.

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