The Congressman


Save the congressman and his aides from the Devouring Earth

Eliza Thorpe

You heard that Congressman Bill Marlowe is visiting the city, right? He's meeting with the City Council, trying to start a program to encourage pro-hero initiatives nationwide. Well, I just learned that a swarm of Devouring Earth monsters is after him! One of his staffers called. The Devouring Earth just attacked their headquarters; the congressman and his aids escaped, but they're still in danger. Someone's got to save those people from the Devouring Earth.

All right, the Congressman and his aides escaped the first attack, but now they're out on the streets. An emergency force field will keep the rest of the city safe, but it won't do much for Marlowe's staff; they're trapped inside. You've got to get them out of there!

Part 1: Defeat all creatures in area (3 people remaining)
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] @ Carter Row Devouring Earth ,Council

Somewhere on these streets, three people are in terrible danger. It's up to you to find them before the Devouring Earth does.

Mission Complete: You have rescued the congressman from the Devouring Earth and uncovered a clue.

ClueCybernetic controls

During your battle with the Devouring Earth creatures, you found many pieces of cybernetic equipment implanted in their bodies. You also ran into some Council agents who seemed to be carrying small transmitters.

Part 2: Take clue to SERAPH
Delivery @ Atlas Park
Jonathan St. John Smythe

Ah, Red Tomax! Jolly good to see you. Let me see those cybernetic controls.

Well, these are definitely Council devices. They seem to be part of an electro-chemical control network. It would require a good deal of surgery to install. I have a theory, but I'm afraid it's rather, well, disturbing.

I think the Council may be trying to subvert these creatures and use them to do their dirty work. They're turning them into remote control monsters! But now that we know about it, we should be able to intercept the control signals and pinpoint their point of origin. And look here: we've already got a good lead. I need you to go to this location and shut this Council project down for good.

Part 3: Destroy Council controls (3 controls to destroy)
Council Base Devouring Earth ,Council

The defenses of this base have been pulverized by rock and acid. The Devouring Earth are attacking, and they just might make your job more difficult.

Objective: You found a copy of the Council's data on the Devouring Earth.

ClueCouncil data

This data details the Council's plan to control the Devouring Earth creatures by using cybernetic implants linked directly into the creatures' primitive nervous systems. There are several notes stating that the Devouring Earth's creatures do not seem to operate entirely according to biological principles. The report proposes that the creatures' resistance might be due to some sort of supernatural bond with the Earth.

Mission Complete: You have foiled the Council's plan to use Devouring Earth creatures as weapons.

Eliza Thorpe

The Council has tried some pretty nasty plans before, but this was unbelievable! Considering the end result, I don't think we have to worry about them trying it again. Oh, and Congressman Marlowe sends you his thanks for your selfless service to the city and the country. Looks like someone has friends in high places.

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